[EN]How to create a wordpress website – Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

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If you wanted to be a blogger you are the right place. So in this article you will find how to create a wordpress website step-by-step. Read this article carefully and follow my instructions to learn how to build a website.

STEP 1 - Go WordPress.com/start

First of all, what would you like your homepage to look like? Choose one of the following layouts.

STEP 2 - Choose a theme

Choose one of the following themes. Do not worry about it you can always change it later.

STEP 3 - Find a domain

You can use your own domain or you can choose a free .wordpress.com address or you can buy a .blog domain from WordPress.com

STEP 4 - Choose a plan Free or Paid

Choose one of the following plans. You can see the details under the plans. If you do not know any of that plans’ meanings I suggest to you to select Free Plan.

STEP 5 - Create the WordPress account

For this step you need an email address. Then please complete the registration form and press Create My Account button.

STEP 6 - You’ve successfully created a wordpress website 

But there are some things that we need to do. They’ve sent a confirmation message to your email address. Go to your email account provider’s website and find that message to confirm your email address.

STEP 7 - Configure the blog settings

The bottom of the right side bar you will see a Settings button, press that button and configure your blog settings to yourself.


STEP 8 - You can start writing now

Everything is almost done except your articles. Start writing and fill the blog up with your contents, it can be a picture or a video gallery just fill the blog up.

FINAL STEP - Congratulations

You’ve successfully created a wordpress website. Go to the home page and look at your wordpress blog then go to the writing page and write magnificent articles.