VSB-TUO Erasmus+ Life in Ostrava, Czech Republic - Part 1

Why did I choose Ostrava?

central europe

First, its geographical location is almost perfect, it’s almost in the central europe area. Second, prices are almost the same compared to Turkey(except the alcoholic drinks). These two are the main reasons of me choosing doing Erasmus+ in Ostrava.

The university: VŠB-TUO[1]

Arriving to Prague

I had a direct flight from Istanbul(SAW) to Prague(PRG) at noon. I had no problem arriving to Prague airport but the airport police checked my luggages twice and I don’t know why.

The passport checking queue a bit long because Turkey is not a member of European Union :( but the whole process was quite fast I think.

Arriving to Ostrava

After leaving Prague airport, I was going to take a bus to main train station(Praha hlavní nádraží). I was already booked my bus and train tickets via internet so that I didn’t have to exchange any Euros :) Keep in mind that Euro exchange rate is really bad at the airport.

There was a bus stop for RegioJet, I took that bus and it left me somewhere near the main train station. After I got off the bus, I was going to use the subway. I paid my subway ticket with my contactless credit card. (I didn’t have an ISIC card back then, therefore I had to pay about 10€, if I had ISIC I was going to pay around 2€)

The RegioJet train was quite comfortable. There was a nice wagon service inside the train and also relatively-fast free wi-fi. The train journey took three hours and fifteen minutes from Prague to Ostrava-Svinov.

I got off the train at Ostrava-Svinov train station. My buddy(Erasmus Student Network here, they matched me with a local student before I came to Czech Republic) welcomed me at the Svinov train station. It was around 22 o’clock and he left me to the dormitories with his car.

Dormitories Dormitories at evening

About the dormitory room

I checked in to the dormitory but I couldn’t sign the accommodation contract due to time was late for that. But I signed it tomorrow morning. The attendant at the reception provided me sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers for the bed.

At first it looked like the room have been left by the soviets. Everything in the room looked at least 20-year-old maybe 30. Therefore, I was kind of shocked. Anyway, I made my bed then I rested like 30-40 mins. After that I went to the lobby of the dorms. I met new people who are also here for Erasmus+ like me. Approximately one hour later I went my room to sleep. Because I was exhausted.

This was the end of my first day at Ostrava.

New day

ESN[2] prepared a city tour for us. We walked a lot. Ostrava is the 3rd biggest city of Czech Republic. Our tour guide said that there used to be a lot of mines here. Ostrava was a mining city once.

Town Hall of Ostrava
Town Hall of Ostrava

Flower pots representing the love of nature.

Town Hall of Ostrava

Some street of Ostrava
Some street of Ostrava

Some street of Ostrava

Ostravice River
Ostravice River

Ostravice River

Walk to Halda Ema(Actually, in this picture we were going back from Halda Ema)
Halda Ema

Final destination

After all that walking we were definitely exhausted. Therefore, we needed some resting place. We went to a pub at near the city center. In the pub something on the wall caught my attention. Last year’s Erasmus students left a mark on the wall.

Final destination: A pub