Hackistanbul CTF About Final Stage

First of all

I’d like to thank Hackistanbul CTF organizers very much for inviting us to the Final Stage at Istanbul Grand Airport(IGA) and for buying our flight tickets and most importantly for hosting us at a 5-star hotel and for private transfer from hotel to IGA. These were awesome.

Let’s come to the unpleasant things

There was a communication issue and e-mails from Hackistanbul organizers were not informative enough. Firstly, they told us we were invited but we were not invited at the same time to the Final Stage. There was a conflict between the first and the second paragraph.

HICTF18 Result

After that CTF result e-mail we thought we were a secondary qualifier, we filled the form and sent to the HICTF organizers and started to wait for an invitation if one of the primary qualifiers choose not to participate. One day later we received an e-mail from Turkish Airlines which contains our round-trip flight ticket to Istanbul but there was no information from HICTF organizers about it.

The ticket e-mail from Turkish Airlines changed our mind, we began to think we’re not a secondary qualifier due to this sentence “you will be invited to Istanbul for grand final stage if one of the primary qualifiers choose not to participate“ from CTF Result e-mail(see above). According to this sentence if we were invited we could not be a secondary qualifier. Is my logic correct or am I missing something? idk.

It was time for the flight and then we were in Istanbul. They transferred us from Atatürk International Airport to a 5-star hotel near Atatürk Airport and there was no problem about our travel.

On the Final Stage Day(22nd September) we’ve transferred from our hotel to IGA after that we somehow managed to go to Hackistanbul tent at TEKNOFEST area. I say “somehow” because we were not informed about what we should do and TEKNOFEST organizers gave us “Stand attendant” name tag, not the “Contestant” name tag therefore we were confused a bit.

Name Tag

After that we could not see our team’s name from the walls(they printed competing teams’ names on wallpapers or something like that). Then we asked if there was any problem about our team, they said they don’t know and we should wait for the head organizer of Hackistanbul. He came and said that we were a secondary qualifier. We were shocked and showed that CTF Result e-mail to him. He said that as a response there was an intervention about inviting secondary qualifiers to Final Stage from upper management. “There is nothing to do, I’m sorry” he said. We learned that there we were a secondary qualifier.


We were ready for the competition but we were unable to compete due to the reasons beyond our control.